• Hernia Repair & Fixation
    Hernia Repair & Fixation

    Market leader in comprehensive soft tissue reconstruction, delivering a growing line of mesh prosthetics, biologic implants and fixation systems to complement innovative techniques for inguinal, ventral and other hernia procedures.

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  • BioSurgery Sealants & Hemostats
    BioSurgery Sealants & Hemostats

    Enhanced sealants and hemostatic products to complement surgical techniques across, thoracic, cardiovascular and other surgical specialties.

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  • Breast Reconstruction
    Breast Reconstruction

    Our Breast Reconstruction products represent an all-natural choice for post mastectomy breast reconstruction that offers easy handling, consistent performance, and a terminally sterilized human ADM.

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  • Open Orthopedics
    Open Orthopedics

    Davol's Orthopedic product line includes an easy to use, portable, battery operated pulsed lavage system, as well as an auto transfusion system that is designed to allow the simultaneous collection and reinfusion of autologous shed blood following orthopedic surgery.

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  • Laparoscopic Irrigation
    Laparoscopic Irrigation

    Davol offers a variety of Performance Irrigation choices for use in laparoscopy from a completely disposable battery operated system to a reusable pump with a simple drop and go cassette. In addition, multiple tip designs and lengths are available to meet all your surgical needs.

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  • Wound Management
    Wound Management

    Davol's Pulsed Lavage system for wound management provides controlled pressure for optimal cleansing and irrigation, leading to quick, efficient removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign material.

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