BARD™ Mesh

BARD™ Mesh

Since its introduction in 1962, Bard™ Mesh has become the standard against which all other products are compared. Bard™ Mesh was used by Dr. Irving Lichtenstein when he first developed the first "tension-free" hernia repair technique many years ago. Dr. Lichtenstein describes Bard™ Mesh as "far superior to other available synthetic materials."


  • More than 45 years of clinical experience.
  • Can be tailored perioperatively and customized to any unique situation.
  • Available in seven convenient sizes.
  • Precut Bard™ Mesh offers unparalleled convenience, while reducing overall waste and operating time. Because the shapes are precut, the need to trim the mesh perioperatively is minimized. An optional precut opening fits around the spermatic cord, and the rounded edges accommodate to the anatomy of the inguinal canal.
  • Well tolerated by the body.
  • Made of widely spaced monofilament fibers which cannot harbor bacteria.

† Amid,Shulman, Lichtenstein. “Selecting Synthetic Mesh for the Repair of Groin Hernia.” Postgraduate General Surgery. 1992:4:150-155.

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