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BARD® PERFIX Plug: Modified Technique

The time-proven performance of the BARD® PERFIX Plug in millions of inguinal hernia repairs gives surgeons a level of confidence that shows. The chance of recurrence is as low as 0.10% using the modified mesh-plug hernioplasty technique introduced by Dr. Keith Millikan.1

The Modified Technique. Simple to do. Easy to learn.






The Modified Technique uses the outer cone of the plug as an underlay patch in the preperitoneal plane.Intra-abdominal pressure causes it to lay flat against the posteria aspect of the transverslis fascia, ensuring extended posterior coverage. The plug’s inner petals can be trimmed, then sutured, for a true“tension-free” repair.

Proven Results1

  • Requires minimal dissection and little operative time
  • Promotes quick recovery with less possible pain
  • 96% of patients return to normal activities within 3 days
  • Only 16% of patients required prescription pain medication
  • Allows extended posterior coverage of large defects


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1 Millikan, Keith, MD et al. The Millikan Modified Mesh - Plug Hernioplasty, Archives of Surgery. May 2003; Vol. 138: 525-530

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