Introducing VENTRALIGHT™ ST Mesh

Proven Sepra® Technology in a Low Profile, Lightweight Mesh



  • Low profile design facilitates trocar deployment and
    mechanical fixation.
  • Easily cut to customize shape and size.


  • Uncoated lightweight monofilament polypropylene allows for
    complete tissue ingrowth with a low percentage of contraction*
    for a strong repair.
  • Hydrogel barrier minimizes tissue attachment to the visceral side
    of the mesh.


  • Hydrogel barrier is based on Sepra® Technology.
  • Lightweight monofilament polypropylene.
  • Both materials have been used in general surgery for
    years with demonstrated clinical success.

Secure Fixation
The SorbaFix™ Absorbable Fixation System and PermaFix™ Permanent Fixation System provide secure fixation with Ventralight™  ST Mesh.
The threaded hollow core allows for tissue ingrowth through interior of fastener.

Ventralight ST Mesh with SorbaFix Absorbable FixationSorbafix Absorbable Fixation System

Ventral hernia repair using Ventralight™  ST Mesh with SorbaFix™ 
Absorbable Fixation System. Photo courtesy of Dr. Guy Voeller, MD, FACS*

It begins with a hydrogel barrier.
It ends with a strong long-term repair.

Consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, precautions and instructions for use. Possible complications include seroma, adhesions, hematomas, inflammation, extrusion, fistula formation, infection, allergic reaction and recurrence of the hernia or soft tissue defect.

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