VENTRALEX™ ST Hernia Patch

Introducing the Ventralex ST Hernia Patch

The #1 choice in umbilical hernia repair is NOW available with an absorbable barrier featuring Sepra® Technology



  • Simple tension-free intraabdominal repair.
  • Minimum dissection and fixation required.


  • Pocket and strap facilitates placement, positioning and lateral fixation.
  • SorbaFlex™ Memory Technology allows the patch to “spring open,” lay flat to maintain shape and then fully absorbs over time.*
  • Three sizes available for coverage of larger defects to smaller trocar site closures.


  • Hydrogel barrier is based on Sepra® Technology.
  • Uncoated monofilament polypropylene mesh allows for fast tissue ingrowth leading to a strong repair.
  • Clinically supported technique since 2002 with peer-reviewed published clinical studies.

It begins with a hydrogel barrier.
It ends with strong, long-term repair.

Possible complications include seroma, adhesions, hematomas, inflammation, extrusion, fistula formation, infection, allergic reaction, and recurrence of the hernia or soft tissue defect.

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